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Railway distance:

  • 6 kilometres from Poland’s border with Belarus, near the railway line between Kuźnica Białostocka and Sokółka,
  • 9 kilometres from the planned Trans-European Transport Corridor Helsinki-Tallinn-Riga-Kaunas-Warsaw-Berlin,
  • 1,5 kilometres from the national road no. 19 leading from Warsaw to the north of Belarus into the regions of Grodno and Vitebsk. The access road to the terminal is 15 metres wide.


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The station is adjusted to accommodate freight trains from eastern border and from Poland of maximum length which are formed. Current state:

  • 1. Documentation has been drawn up as well as planning permits have been granted for the construction of 5 normal-gauge tracks and 5 broad-gauge (Russian) tracks.
  • 2. 3 normal-gauge tracks and 3 broad-gauge tracks have been built and connected to railway lines.
  • 3. Trans-shipments have been done since mid-January 2010. The length of a separate track is about 900 metres.


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The 40ha area is a former sand mine. Since it is away from housing estates and villages it is possible to maintain the security zone of the land. The arrangement of already built railway tracks enables such transshipment which is carried out in other existing terminals in Poland. The transshipment terminal in Łosośna began its activities on 15.01. 2010. It is situated 5 km from the border post of Belarus. The terminal is away from population centres. The nearest village is 3 kilometres away. At present 3 broad-gauge (Russian) tracks and 3 normal-gauge tracks are used. Each track is about 1000 metres long, which enables the entry of freight trains. We also possess a hardened open storage area for storing timbers and coal.


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- Moving cargo from wide track wagons to normal track wagons and conversely, and to cars,

- Organizing loading, landing and transshipment of heavy loads,

- Storage of goods in specially adapted, closed room (stockroom area 1136,6 m2)

- Storage of goods on storage yards, cured concrete (about 2 ha) and uncured (5 ha),

- Reception, filling and transmitting the SMGS waybills,

- Cleaning and returning railway wagons,

- Weighting cars on our own vehicle scale,

- Cooperation with the Customs Agencies,

- Organizing car and train transport,

- Sorting goods according to our customers needs and requirements,

Loading passenger cars on lex type wagons,

- Complex service of railway siding,

- We are in possession of our own locomotive and technical equipment for handling andloading,

- We sell coal with and without excise
- Transshipment of Belarusian goods (6-8 million tones per year) which are further directed to Polish harbours and futher to the west. Our Company transships both commodities on export and import, which is economically favourable. Such services may prove to be competitive in comparison with your previous forwarders

- Transshipment of cargos from producers and suppliers from Poland and the EU to the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation or to other Eastern Europe countries and Asia (and vice versa)

Variants of cooperation:

  • Transshipment services;

  • As common venture;

  • Other possibilities for coordination;

Our task is to be up to by offering the best possible price and professional service, sensitive to your needs and expectations.

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